Open Border Terrorists Try to Stop Deportations!

As you might remember, Arizona passed a law a few years ago that would give the police the authority to inquire into the immigration status of individuals they encounter.

Parts of the law were ruled unconstitutional. Police Officers were prohibited from “racial profiling” and actively seeking out individuals’ border status. There was a portion of the law that survived, however. Part of SB 1070 demands that police officers check the immigration statuses of all those who are stopped in the commission of a crime or misdemeanor.

While the unconstitutional part of the law would have authorized ‘fishing expeditions,’ this other section ensures that if an illegal is stopped by police for a legitimate reason, it is legal for an officer to ask about his or her immigration status.

On Sunday, Tucson Police pulled over Norlan Flores Prado for making an illegal turn. After processing the driver and realizing he was in the country illegally, the police called Border Patrol as the law requires.

Word spread that the police had arrested an illegal alien and before the border patrol agents even arrived at the scene, a large crowd of protesters had gathered to rally against the deportation.

Did I say protester? I’m sorry; I meant to say domestic terrorists!

Tell Congress to STOP these open border terrorists and DEMAND the deportation of illegal alien criminals!

That’s what they are. Anyone who physically attempts to stop a deportation and intimidate officers into standing down can only be classified as a domestic terrorist. They are trying to instill fear in border patrol, law enforcement, and the American people that if they continue to enforce immigration laws, violence will follow.

In another case in Texas, a 22-year old open border activist sicced his four dogs on border agents trying to arrest illegal aliens. All across the country, these terrorists are taking Obama’s lead and attempting to stop deportations on their own.

The situation in Tucson grew so tense from the increasing number of protesters that more police officers actually had to be called to protect the border patrol! As the growing crowd hurled insults and threats at the officers, it became clear that this arrest could have devolved into violence at any moment.

Now, I have sympathy for Mr. Norlan Prado. I really do. But if he didn’t want to be deported from America, he shouldn’t have come here illegally in the first place. This is something that the open border advocates just don’t realize… the only reason that people are deported is because the broke the law coming into the country.

It isn’t the police’s fault… it isn’t border patrol’s fault… it is the illegal alien’s fault!

Do you know what the sad part is? It is mandatory for Arizona police officers to inform border patrol when they encounter an illegal alien, but border patrol agents only show up 1% of the time… THINK ABOUT THAT!

Essentially 99% of all illegal aliens caught by Arizona police are not immediately handed over to border patrol agents. And this is in the state with some of the strictest immigration laws! Imagine how low the deportation rate is for illegals in liberal hotbeds like California and New York!

Tell Congress to STOP these open border terrorists and DEMAND the deportation of illegal alien criminals!

The fact remains that the administration does not want to deport illegal aliens because the Democrats desperately need their vote. This is what leads Obama’s Department of Education to proclaim that illegal aliens are “entitled to public education.”

What the hell are they talking about? The only way you are “entitled” to an education is if you pay into the system!

Instead of allowing border patrol to do their job and kick these freeloaders out of the country, the Obama administration is deliberately tying their hands.

Obama has already promised to do everything in his power to stop deportations. He doesn’t care if it leads to his impeachment; he is refusing to deport any more illegal aliens. He deferred deportation (fancy term for amnesty) for illegal alien children and now he is poised to do the same for the adults!

Obama didn’t like the immigration bill that the GOP sent to the Senate, so the President has promised that he will “have to act alone.”

We live in the United States, a great Republic, and for the President to claim the authority to act alone is tyrannical!

All of this is connected! Barack H. Obama has promised to violate the law and halt deportations so it is only natural that his leftist supporters would try to do the same on their own!

The question is are YOU going to let this President spit on the Constitution and give amnesty to millions of people who broke our laws? Are YOU going to sit quietly while Obama and his supporters disobey laws to stop deportations?

The only difference between these open border terrorists and the President is that the former prefer work in the open. Obama, on the other hand, waits for Congress to go on vacation and then cowardly uses tyrannical executive orders to get his way!

I, for one, will not sit idly by! I am going to demand that Congress put a stop to this lawlessness and ensure that border patrol can actually do its job and I ask you to join me and raise your voice as well!

Tell Congress to STOP these open border terrorists and DEMAND the deportation of illegal alien criminals!

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