Even More Republicans Give Up Fighting Obama’s Amnesty!

Fellow American,

Today, the United States Senate will try for the fourth time to start debating a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security.

And for the fourth time, Senate Democrats will filibuster and stop the Republicans from even opening up the floor for debate. That is what we are dealing with… We are dealing with a Democrat Party that won’t even let the Senate debate a bill…

Why? Because the legislation contains a provision to completely defund Obama’s amnesty program.

Today is also the day that the Obama administration will file an emergency appeal to try to start processing illegal aliens’ amnesty applications. But like we told you on Saturday, this is just a bit of political theater since the administration is ignoring the judge’s injunction anyway…

But the one thing we need to be worried about is that more and more Congressional Republicans are changing their position and surrendering to Obama’s amnesty.

They want to fund the amnesty bureaucracy because they’re afraid of the “optics” associated with “shutting down” Homeland Security.

When the Democrats filibuster today, you can rest assured that even more Republicans will abandon ship and surrender. You can't let that happen!

This is why it's more important than ever before to raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress hold the line and defund Obama’s amnesty, whatever the cost!

Many Conservatives are calling on Mitch McConnell to use the ‘Nuclear Option’ to abolish the Senate’s filibuster rules so they can pass the bill.

That is definitely an option, but it is premature, especially after we criticized Harry Reid for practically doing the same thing last year.

No, the solution is not to sacrifice our principles. The solution is to stand tall and refuse to budge. The Democrats assume that we Conservatives will give up. We need to prove them wrong.

When all is said and done, the Democrat party will cave. It is our job to make sure that Republicans don’t cave first!

Just this morning, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was on Fox News. He was talking about how we need to let the courts figure this out. What he neglected to mention is that the Obama administration is ignoring the court’s ruling and pushing forward with amnesty anyway! He also conveniently left out the fact that the administration is filing its appeal today. But before his segment was over, he said, “for God’s sake, don’t shut Homeland Security down.”

Even with a “shutdown,” 87% of Homeland Security employees would still show up to work. They’re deemed ‘essential,’ so they have to show up to work anyway. The only ones who wouldn’t go into work would be the secretaries, janitors, and other non-essential employees.

I know you’re tired of hearing about this amnesty fight. I know you are tired of receiving these emails telling you to take action.

But we have FIVE days (including today) before Homeland Security runs out of money. That means we have 5 days to make sure that Republicans don’t cave in like they did a few years ago.

As I mentioned earlier, the Obama administration is filing its appeal today and asking Judge Hanen to let them start processing amnesty applications. When he shoots Obama down, the administration will seek relief from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

We can’t leave it up to the courts because that is the one branch of government we have no control over!

We’ve got to give it everything we’ve got to make sure that the GOP stands its ground. And believe me, they will if they hear from YOU!

So, let them hear you! Raise hell and DEMAND that Congress hold the line and defund Obama’s amnesty before it’s too late!


Max McGuire

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