United Nations Still Pushing to Help Illegal Aliens!

The United Nations is continuing to push to force the United States to welcome illegal aliens with open arms and give them amnesty.

Our constitution couldn’t be clearer that international law, unless ratified by the Senate, has no power on United States soil… Likewise, an international organization, like the United Nations, should have no authority over domestic issues. However the Constitution, in case you haven’t realized, doesn’t matter to the liberals pushing a globalist agenda.

That pesky little document hasn’t stopped the United Nations and its globalist allies from trying to force the United States to house these illegal alien “refugees.”

Yes, that is what the United Nations is calling the gang and cartel members who are sneaking across the border. Apparently, now they are refugees… Good to know. Someone should tell Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega’s family that everything is ok because he was killed by “refugees”…

This really isn’t all that surprising. The UN’s own Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that everyone has a human right to leave their country and receive asylum elsewhere. As far as the U.N. is concerned, these illegal alien invaders are just exercising their Constitutional rights.

The United Nations has been trying to force its open border policies on the United States for years. And now, the international body is actually making moves to force us to welcome and accept the hordes of illegals flooding our border!

Tell Congress to STOP the United Nations’ globalist agenda and DEPORT these illegals immediately!

The whole premise of this push revolves around the definition of refugee. This is where Barack H. Obama can help. We have reported weeks ago that President Obama was preparing an executive order/action to redefine the term “refugee” to allow illegals to come to the United States directly. That way, they wouldn’t have to endure the rough journey across Central America…

Well, if Barack Obama and the United Nations both declare that these illegal alien invaders are refugees, then all is lost.

Then we are looking at the death of this country.

The studies have proven that the current border surge all started after President Obama gave amnesty and deferred deportations for millions of so-called Dreamers (illegals brought to this country as children). The minute that amnesty executive order was signed, a tidal wave of illegal aliens began heading for the United States.

The logic is simple! When Obama hands out amnesty, more and more people try to sneak into the United States!

What do you think is going to happen when Obama and the U.N. reclassify these illegals as refugees?

How many people do you expect to rush the border? One million people? Two million people?

The entire Obama presidency is centered on the idea of dismantling everything that made America great and just giving it away around the world.

Hell, we have Joe Biden out proclaiming that these illegal aliens are “our children.” When the hell did that happen? Did I miss something?

At a time when terrorists are committing genocide across the Middle East and Africa, aimed at destroying Christian populations, the Obama administration is choosing to extend a helping hand to people who just want the American taxpayers to subsidize their existence!

We have the President of the United States and the United Nations each trying to subvert the law and our Constitution to force us to accept these illegal aliens.

What is Congress doing about it? NOTHING!

We need to rise up and get angry! I’m not asking you to march on Washington, D.C… All I am asking is that you let your voice be heard and refuse to go down without a fight!

When my grandchildren ask me what I did to stop the complete surrendering of the United States of America to these illegals, my response will be “everything I possibly could.”

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