Illegal Alien Amnesty is Just Days Away!

This is not a drill. We have just learned how Barack H. Obama may plan to skirt Congress to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

All this month, President Obama has been meeting with big businesses and billionaires to discuss how to hand out amnesty to the millions of illegals living in the United States.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and Microsoft’s former CEO Bill Gates are among the billionaires who are trying to force Obama to suspend deportations altogether. These tech giants want Obama to open the border for even more illegal aliens because their jobs can benefit from an influx of cheap, legal labor.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is even lobbying for amnesty because it believes that such a surge of workers would help the American economy. The only problem is that it would destroy the American workers!

Now, we have learned from our sources that Obama’s much anticipated amnesty executive order will be an attempt to give everyone in the country illegally a work visa!

Obama’s amnesty executive order is coming! Tell Congress that this tyrant must be stopped!

Before we even discuss the economics of it, I can’t begin to say how dangerous it would be to legalize all 12+ million illegal aliens in one swoop. The visa application process is designed to weed out the ‘undesirables.’ Yes, that might be a harsh term, but all throughout our history, this is the term that the United States used to describe anyone that shouldn’t be allowed into the country.

Today, ‘undesirables’ are anyone who is a felon, a carrier of an infectious disease, a terrorist, or unemployed/unskilled and a drain on society. It is important to restrict legal immigration in this way because the last thing that we want is to have immigrants go right on the public dole, collecting Medicaid and food stamps!

However, either Obama doesn’t understand this logic or he simply doesn’t care!

That’s why his Department of Education is allowing illegal alien children to enter our school systems without proof that they’re vaccinated! That is why the administration has instructed Border Patrol to ‘catch and release’ any illegal alien they come across, even the ones with criminal records!

Obama and the Democrats don’t work for you and me. Hell, neither do the RINOs, either… They all work for the billionaires who wrote the checks to get them elected. And now, the liberal billionaires are calling in their favors. They are demanding that Obama hand out amnesty because they want to take advantage of the cheap labor. Forget about the fact that unemployment rose in 30 states this past month… do you know how high the unemployment rate is for African Americans in the inner cities? Black unemployment is well over 12% and in some cities, it is as high as 30%!

If you think that you are the only one that Barack Obama is letting down, don’t forget how he is screwing over the African American community!

African Americans have been taken for granted by Democrats for decades. Now, they’ve reached a boiling point with this whole crisis on the border and a lot of them have started speaking out. They realize that with a stroke of a pen, Barack Obama can make it even harder for all Americans to get jobs.

The great irony is that the companies that are donating to the Democrats and pushing for illegal alien amnesty are also laying off American workers. Cisco, a company that sells networking equipment, is a strong proponent for open borders and illegal alien amnesty. Cisco believes that the influx of cheap labor will be good for the American economy. What the company neglects to mention is that it just laid off more than 6,000 American workers.

Bill Gates, the former head of Microsoft, has been a vocal supporter of amnesty and has even called for an unlimited number of guest workers. Well, Microsoft also announced that they were laying off more than 18,000 American workers.

We have been conditioned to believe that amnesty will not hurt us economically. We have been told time and time again that the jobs these illegals take are open because Americans don’t want to do the work.

But no one wants to call attention to the fact that the very companies lobbying for amnesty are also firing Americans at record paces!

Obama’s amnesty executive order is coming! Tell Congress that this tyrant must be stopped!

On top of the fact that these illegal aliens don’t deserve a damn thing, we MUST stop this amnesty executive order because it will spell the end of the American worker!

We aren’t just talking about picking fruits and vegetables… some of the largest tech companies in America believe they can take advantage of the cheap labor and they are laying off Americans to prove it!

In addition to the fact that Obama is a traitor and tyrant for even contemplating amnesty by executive order, he is also an idiot for not realizing what this would do to the American citizens!

Amnesty is coming… This isn’t a joke and it isn’t a drill. If you think that Obama left his vacation early just to talk about Iraq and what is going on in Ferguson… think again!

He promised to go around Congress with an executive order by the end of the summer and that date is fast approaching!

Obama thinks you are too weak and stupid to stop him. The President thinks that he can surrender the United States of America without a fight.

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