Bombshell: All Net Job Growth Has Gone to Immigrants!

Fellow American,

Here’s a bombshell statistic. Over the last 7 years… all net job growth in this country went to immigrants (both legal and illegal).

These statistics comes to us from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Since November 2007, the number of employed native-born Americans decreased by more than 1.45 MILLION.

But when you look at immigrant employment, the total number of immigrant employees (legal and illegal) rose by more than 2 million.

So while Americans are getting laid off, giving up on the job search, and unnecessarily retiring early, legal and illegal aliens are snatching up all the jobs.

And now with Obama’s new amnesty program giving preference to illegal aliens, Americans will only continue to suffer under this president!

Now that the GOP is taking over, you need to STOP the jobs from going to illegals and force Congress to focus on American jobs!

It is estimated that between 5-20 million illegal aliens will now be eligible to compete against Americans for jobs. You can claim that these illegals only take jobs Americans aren’t interested in, but that is a complete lie.

Now that they are going to be documented, they will no longer be limited to working as day laborers, housekeepers, dishwashers, etc. They will have real papers and social security numbers allowing them to apply for any job.

Listen, I understand that immigrants help make this country run. That is how is has always been. But you can’t tell me that Americans should have to suffer because of it.

Never before have Americans suffered from immigration on such a massive scale. We aren’t just talking about the immigrants who come her legally and bring a valuable skill set… We are talking about MILLIONS of people who came here illegally, do not have a particularly useful skill-set, and are now going to be competing with Americans for jobs.

A friend of mine has been unemployed for a while, working his butt off to get a job that can help feed his family. In the meantime, he has been working part time to help pay the bills. He’s been working jobs that the left claims Americans “don’t want.”

He’s worked in warehouses, in fast food restaurants, he’s worked part-time in the summer doing landscaping… all jobs that Democrats claim Americans “don’t want.”

Well guess what: if my friend doesn’t find a permanent job by next year, he’ll be competing against illegal aliens the next time he goes on a job interview.

It doesn’t have to be this way! It shouldn’t be this way!

Tell Congress NO working papers for illegals! Americans shouldn’t have to compete with illegals when searching for jobs!

When forced to compete against a newly ‘legalized’ illegal alien, Americans jobseekers will lose every time. That’s because employers can get away with not giving illegal aliens health insurance and save themselves $3,000/year in penalties.

When businesses realize this, they will choose the illegal aliens over the American applicants.

Both parties are responsible for loophole, Republicans and Democrats alike. The illegal alien population has a lower unemployment rate than the legal African American population. That is mind-blowing.

In the last 7 years, all net job growth has gone to illegal and legal immigrants. Every single member of Congress took office promising to help the American people. What they have done instead is lay out the welcome mat for illegal aliens and essentially tell the American people they don’t care about our hardship.

‘Let them eat cake,’ this Congress says.

Well, I say NO! No working papers for illegal aliens! Not now, not ever. If they want to work in this country, they need to get to the back of the line behind everyone who has been patiently waiting for their chance at the American dream.

I have had enough of Congressmen and Senators in both parties prioritizing these criminals over American citizens. Enough is enough!

Congress gave businesses a $3000 incentive to hire illegal aliens instead of Americans! Demand that this loophole be closed!


Max McGuire

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