Wow: GOP Leadership Actually Caved on Amnesty

Fellow Conservative,

Late last night, GOP leaders teamed up with Democrats to get an emergency bill passed to fund the Department of Homeland Security for one more week.

In other words, the Republicans blinked.

All they had to do was hold the line and force the Democrats to capitulate. Instead, they allowed the Left to define the debate.

This is just shameful. Absolutely shameful…

Boehner and the Republicans had ONE job to do: stand their ground against Obama’s amnesty and refuse to budge.

Instead, they showed their hand. They showed that despite all of their talk, they were willing to sacrifice their principles and promises in order to keep DHS funded.

Now, the GOP has lost its leverage. The Left knows that Boehner and his allies will cave, so all they have to do is sit back and wait for this latest DHS funding bill to expire.

The only leverage left is YOU! Whether you have been bombarding Congress all week with demands to hold the line or if this is the first you’re hearing about it, you have the power to stop this spinelessness once and for all!

The GOP leadership is spineless. Demand that they STOP Obama’s amnesty by any means necessary!

It really is this simple. All they had to do was let DHS funding expire and force Democrats to surrender. It’s all about putting on a good poker face and convincing the other side you’re crazy enough to go through with your threats.

And for much of the week, it looked like Boehner was doing just that. He was blowing kisses to reporters in his press conference.

Whatever changed between then and now is unacceptable.

These Congressmen have said off the record that they are terrified of facing the consequences associated with caving on this issue. They know that holding their seats depends on holding the line against Obama’s amnesty.

It may look like we’ve lost, but this is only a temporary set-back. They could have completely caved last night and then it would have been over.

Instead, we have another week to hammer home to these Congressmen that a vote for Obama’s amnesty is grounds for removal from office.

Let’s make sure that we make every day count. Make sure that Congress doesn’t go a day without hearing from YOU!

No compromise! Force Congress to hold the line against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program!


Max McGuire

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