Urgent News! Obama Granted Emergency Amnesty Appeal!

Fellow Conservative,

This is exactly what we feared. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has just granted the Obama administration an expedited appeal of Judge Hanen’s injunction against the President’s illegal alien amnesty program.

Late last month, the GOP caved to Obama’s amnesty executive actions. They had the opportunity to defund this amnesty bureaucracy once and for all. But they caved under pressure from the Democrats.

Congressional Republicans came out and said their treachery didn’t matter because the White House was prohibited from granting illegal immigrants amnesty under Judge Hanen’s injunction.

Well, now the President is potentially just days away from getting the green light to start legalizing these illegals. And what is Congress doing? NOTHING!

We’re out of time! Demand that Congress STOP Obama’s amnesty program before it’s too late!

It ultimately comes down to this: are you willing to give the President of the United States the authority to change the law when Congress doesn’t give him what he wants?

The answer should obviously be, “no.”

But right now, that is what Congress is doing. They had the chance to stand up to this Imperial President and defund his amnesty bureaucracy once and for all. Instead, they retreated and promised to let the courts figure it out.

It’s just so spineless. Well, now the administration could be just a few days away from being allowed to start processing amnesty applications again. On top of this, the White House just changed the rules to make it easier for foreign workers to move to the United States and replace American workers.

Add these two together and you have a catastrophic combination for Americans and LEGAL immigrants.

When Republicans surrendered to Harry Reid’s filibuster last month, they promised that it wasn’t the end of the fight against Obama’s amnesty. Even though they gave up, they promised to keep fighting.

Since then, there has not even been one significant push to stop Obama’s amnesty bureaucracy.

Listen, folks… We don’t have the luxury of time here. I wish we had weeks or even months, but we don’t. We're just several days away from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issuing a ruling.

If Congress doesn’t act right now, the results will be devastating.

I am personally not willing to trust the future of this Republic to a panel of three judges. Are you?

Time’s up! Force Congress to STOP Obama’s amnesty program before the courts lift the injunction!

The President claims that his program is completely legal and Constitutional. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While the Executive Branch certainly has discretion in deciding which cases to prosecute, the President also has a Constitutional obligation to “faithfully execute” the law.

Refusing to deport over 11 million people who violated our immigration laws is not “discretion.”

Promising to give them access to social security, Obamacare, and countless other benefits programs is no “discretion.”

Allowing these illegals to claim THOUSANDS of dollars in tax credits they never earned isn’t “discretion.”

None of this is discretion… it's tyranny. This is one man believing that he has the power to unilaterally rewrite our immigration laws.

Here’s the real kicker: Congress is about to go on ANOTHER vacation. That’s right, they’re just going to pack up and go home for two weeks.

And when they finally all get back to Washington DC after Easter, Barack Obama’s amnesty program could already be up and running again! This is what they're hoping for. That way they don't have to go on record trying to stop it. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to promise to fight Obama's amnesty without actually having to fight it.

They honestly think that they can just skip town and let a panel of unelected judges decide the fate of this Nation.

Absolutely not!

We are literally running out of time and you cannot just leave this to fate. You MUST raise your voice and fax blast Congress DEMANDING they act. You MUST send this email to every likeminded Conservative you know.

The fate of the country is at stake and I am calling on you, a Defender of the Republic, to protect her from all of her domestic enemies!

We’re out of time! Demand that Congress STOP Obama’s amnesty program before it’s too late!


Max McGuire

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