Disgusting: Illegal Alien Child Rapist. Will Obama Release Him?

Dear American,

This is absolutely gross. An illegal alien has been arrested and charged with raping a 10-year old girl three times.

Hermes Rivera – a 25-year old illegal alien – was caught after the young girl’s mother found a cell phone video of the aggravated rapes. The illegal immigrant claims he was just “making love.”

So this is what is going to happen. Hermes Rivera is going to be brought before a judge and likely let out on bail.

Then, if he is convicted of the crimes, he’ll go to prison. The law requires for him to be deported but the Obama administration has suspended most deportations and countries simply refuse to accept aliens convicted of violent crimes.

Of course no country wants to take back illegal aliens with violent criminal records. Would you approve repatriating a convicted child rapist back into your country? So when these deportations are denied, the illegal aliens are technically classified as ‘inadmissible,’ or unable to be deported.

And the Supreme Court ruled in Zadvydas v. Davis and Clark v. Martinez that the Federal government isn’t allowed to detain these violent criminals indefinitely. Even with their convictions, they are only allowed to be held in prison for so long. So the Obama administration goes and releases these illegal alien convicted criminals back into society so they can prey on more American citizens.

Right now, there are 167,527 illegal alien convicted criminals that the Obama administration has released back into society. That's not my number, it comes from the administration's own admission. Hermes Rivera could just as easily become #167528 unless Congress acts to close this horrendous loophole immediately!

Don’t let the Obama administration release illegal alien rapists and murderers back into society! Demand that Congress close this horrible loophole!

It’s just so shameful that these illegal alien convicted criminals are being let out of prison and being allowed to prey on innocent Americans.

On the one side, the administration’s hands are tied by these Supreme Court cases. But at the same time, the Obama administration is letting these criminals out of prison on its own accord.

We just learned that the Obama administration released 30,558 more illegal aliens last year than we thought it did. When ICE Director Sarah Saldana testified before Congress this past month, she claimed that the Zadvydas ruling had forced the administration to release these violent criminals.

But that was a LIE. Only 8% of these newly revealed criminal releases were due to the Zadvydas Supreme Court ruling. So the only other explanation is that the administration is releasing these violent illegal aliens from prison because it wants to.

Here are the facts. Last year, the illegal aliens that were released from prison accounted for 250 murders, 186 kidnappings, and 373 rapes and sexual acts.

That illegal alien who raped a ten-year old three times? He’ll be out of prison and back on the street before he knows it. 

The Courts have already ruled that these illegal alien criminals have to be released eventually, even if their sentenced to lengthy prison sentences. The Obama administration has proven it is more than willing to comply.

The only way to put a stop to this madness is for Congress to act. And as I have said before, the only way that happens is if you demand it! For goodness sake, please raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress put a stop to this madness!

The Obama administration is releasing hundreds of illegal alien rapists and murderers from prison every year. Click to tell Congress to STOP this madness before more Americans are turned into victims!


Max McGuire

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